Carson City silver dollars are a vaCarson City Dollarluable memento of an era in American history when the west was booming. The silver in these silver dollars was mined in the famous Comstoke Lode, discovered in the mountains near Carson City, Nevada. The Carson City mint was established there in 1870 to process the gold and silver being mined into coins. Morgan silver dollars were minted there from 1878 thru 1885 and from 1889 thru 1893 making for 13 pieces total. Although having limited mintages, a significant portion of the silver dollars minted at Carson City survived in storage at the U. S. Treasury.

The silver dollars in the G. S. A. sale were discovered in the Treasury's vaults in a 1964 audit after nearly a century in obscurity. The Carson City silver dollars in this sale were encapsulated and packaged as pictured sold in a series of auctions to the public in the early seventies.